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Clip Machine


A look at eating in our world.


Header image: "The Visionary Origin of Language" by Alex Grey

"Our teachers video series - My favourite food" from Youtube channel British Council Hong Kong

David Gracer on Episode 78 of The Perennial Plate- Eating Insects

Documentary "Excuse Me For Living" about Issei Sagawa

"The Breatharian Experiment" from youtube channel dmurphy25

"Life is Worth Losing" Standup by George Carlin

"Why It's Okay to Be Fat" TEDx talk by Golda Poretsky. Website:

Interview with Jonathan Safran Foer from YouTube Channel The RSA

"Food is our religion" TEDx talk by Mike Thelin. Website:

"What is Food part 1 of 2" from Loren Lockman (


Hyperlips by Com Truise

Highway 420 by Do Make Say Think

We are Water by HEALTH

"I Can't Stop Eating Sugar" Published by Music Beat Music BMI. Written and Performed by Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Onions by Do Make Say Think

Mexican Icecream by TOBACCO

Apocalypse by Tidus

Open by Com Truise

The fruit is for everyone by The Growlers

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